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Don't cut corners when it comes to your training regimen. Train the right way with the right gear and accessories to get in shape.


Training can be tough of course, but it's tougher if you don't have the right equipment. If you have had trouble finding items elsewhere, Powertech Martial Arts Supply can make a special order for you.


If you are a gym owner, bulk discounts will help you save when you are making a major purchase. Ask us about current discounts to keep a little money in your pocket.

Whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned professional, we have the training equipment to help you succeed.


Prepare with a body opponent bag, bouncing bag, kicking bar, speed bag or other training item. These will help to sharpen your skills and keep you in great shape. Get the motivation you need for your next workout or practice for a potential real-life encounter!

  • Bouncing bags

  • Body opponent bags

  • Punching bags

  • Shoes

  • Ankle weights

  • Focus mitts

  • Jump ropes

  • Speed balls

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Training products:

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Double Kicking Target

Mini Square Target

Kicking Shield

Double, Single, Junior

Rebreakable Boards

Smart Rebreakable Boards


Small, Large


Makiwara Clapper

Small, Large